Westgate Cricket Club


1.    Name Colours, Ground Correspondence.

The Club shall be called Westgate-on-Sea Cricket Club

a)      The Club colours shall be Green and White

b)      The Club ground shall be known as Hawtrey’s Field, St. Mildreds Road, Westgate-on-Sea (Non-Postal Address).

c)      For postal purposes, letters etc. to be addressed to the General Secretary.

2.    Membership

a)      Membership of the Club shall be divided into the following categories:-

1)      The President of the Club - the holder of this post shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting and as such, the position is subject to annual review.

2)      Vice-Presidents – the number and makeup of the Vice-Presidents shall be at the discretion of the Annual General Meeting.

3)      Life-Members – this shall be an honorary class of membership to be granted at the discretion of the Annual General Meeting as a reward for long/or distinguished service on behalf of the Club.

4)      Playing Members - this shall be the standard form of membership for those who which to represent the Club.

5)      Junior-Members – this class of membership shall be reserved for those members of the Club who have not attained the age of 18 years by 1st May.

6)      Non-Playing Members – this class of membership shall be reserved for those members who wish to be associated with, and contribute to, the Club, whilst not wishing or being available to play for the Club.

7)      Social Members         – this class of membership shall be reserved for those members who wish to be associated with, and contribute to, the Club, whilst not wishing or being available to play for the Club or have a vote.

b)      To qualify for either playing or non-playing membership, the respective members shall be required to complete a written proposal, which would then be subjected to acceptance by the elected Committee.  No person may be made a member or be admitted to the privileges of membership without an interval of 48 hours elapsing from the date of submission of their proposal, posting on the board for members to have an opportunity to be aware of the application and acceptance by the Committee.

3.    Voting

·        All members (except Category 5 and 7) shall be fully recognised voting members.


4.    Subscriptions

a)      Playing members, Junior members and Non-playing members shall pay an annual membership fee at a level to be determined at the Club’s Annual General Meeting, appropriate to the particular category of membership.

b)      The annual membership fee is due by April 30th  and must be paid by that date to qualify for membership. The Selection Committee must give preference to fully paid-up playing members of the Club when considering team selection.

c)      All players representing the Club will pay a match fee, the level of which will be determined at the Annual General Meeting.


5.    Club Management

a)      Management of the Club shall be vested in the Officers and General Committee.

b)      The Officers of the Club shall comprise:-

1)      The Chairman (NB. If absent from Committee Meetings etc., the Committee shall elect an acting Chairman, for that Meeting only)

2)      The General Secretary

3)      The Treasurer

4)      The Fixtures Secretary

5)      The Child Welfare Officer

6)      The Coaching Officer

c)      The General Committee of the Club shall comprise:-

1)      The Captains of the Saturday and Sunday (outdoor) XI’s.

2)      Five Club members.

d)      The Officers of the Club and members of the General Committee shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting.

e)      All Club members (other than juniors – Category 5) shall be eligible for election as an Officer or to serve in any capacity on the General Committee.

f)        The Officers and General Committees shall be empowered to make bye-laws and to alter them provided that such bye-laws and alterations are compatible with the Constitution of the Club. They shall also be competent to co-opt members to fill vacancies on the Committee or to fulfil any particular function that will benefit the Club.

g)      A quorum at any Committee Meeting shall be five voting members.

h)      The Committee shall, in all its actions, remain responsible to the Annual General Meeting.

i)        In the event that any of the Posts of the Officers of the Club falling vacant, the General Committee shall call an Extraordinary General Meeting as soon as possible for the specific purpose of filling the vacancy or vacancies.

6.    Annual General Meeting

a)      The Annual General Meeting shall be held during the month of November or December.

b)      Not less than three weeks Notice shall be given to Members. Members wishing to raise any matter shall give written notice to the General Secretary, with full details, at least a fortnight in advance of the Meeting. The General Secretary will distribute the Agenda prior to the date of the Meeting.

c)      A quorum at the Annual General Meeting shall be one-third of the voting strength of the Club. Failure to achieve a quorum shall involve the existing Officers and General Committee remaining in their posts until a quorum is attained at a subsequent Annual General Meeting.


7.    Extra-ordinary General Meeting

a)      An Extra-ordinary General Meeting of the Club shall be convened by the General Secretary upon receipt of a written request signed by at least six voting members, stating the nature of the business to be raised.

b)      Any such Meeting shall be held within a fortnight of the date upon which the request is acknowledged by the General Secretary, which includes due notice being given to all members.

c)      A quorum at any Extra-ordinary General Meeting shall be one-third of the voting strength of the Club.

d)      In the event of any Extraordinary General Meeting being called, those members responsible for the calling of such meeting be named at the commencement of the meeting.  At the outset of such meeting, a spokesman from that group shall state exactly why the Extraordinary General Meeting has been called.


8.    Discipline

a)      Any member of the Club shall be liable to such sanction as the Officers and General Committee may consider appropriate, if, in their opinion, the conduct of that member makes such action necessary. The Committee also reserve the right to request the member to resign his membership if his conduct is considered detrimental to the Club. In the event of a member being asked to resign his membership, no reimbursement of Annual membership fee will be considered.

b)      Any playing member failing to advise the Captain/Vice-Captain, following selection, of his inability to play, shall be subject to suspension, at the discretion of the General Committee.

9.    Dissolution of the Club

The Club may be dissolved by a resolution in a special meeting of the full members of the club, and passed by a majority of at least three quarters of the full members present and entitled to vote at that meeting. Upon dissolution the assets of the club after satisfaction of liabilities shall be transferred to such other body or bodies having similar objectives, as the full members shall resolve.